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The Academy of Surf specialises in the training and assessment of Surf Life Saving Australia Certification and Qualification Programs including

                  - Bronze Medallion and Certificate II In Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)

                  - Surf Rescue Certificate

                  - Surf Survival Certificate

We run Surf Life Guard and Surf Instructor Courses to fully accredit participants in the requirements for these jobs.

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The Academy of Surf is also the agent for the renowned surf and surf life saving brand - Bennett. We are the agent for all Bennett products from Coffs Harbour to Brisbane.

The Bennett range includes ski and kayak paddles including the world renowned Bráca paddles, SUP Boards and Paddles, Racing Mals and Nipper Boards in both the durable and strong BRT Robustlite  Boards as well as Custom Shaped BRT Mals and Nipper Boards. There is also the range of SoftPro Nipper Foam Boards and SoftPro Racing Mals.

Bennett also produce the market leading Soft Surf Rescue Board as well as hand shaped and Robustlite Surf Rescue Boards

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