BRT Soft Rescue


The Soft Rescue Bnew soft rescueoard features

  • Split Style neoprene strapping
  • Removable box style fin
  • Rigid construction yet SUPER comfortable
  • Long knee pads
  • Closed cell EPS core so WILL NOT absorb water
  • RRP $1095*

Not only is the Soft Rescue Board an excellent training rescue board with greater safety for those learning to perfect rescue techniques but is it also extremely effective for on beach usage and on patrol. They paddle extremely well, get through the break and ride waves effectively and are very comfortable having two people on the board. The photo shows the latest model of the Soft Rescue Board that includes the carbon looking deck skin for extra strength and durability and to protect the deck from paddlers toe nails!

It is by far, we believe, the most superior soft rescue board on the market and definitely our preferred board when we are training and assessing board rescue skills for both Club and Community courses and training.